Investment Criteria

Bopa Moruo’s invests growth capital, replacement capital and transformational capital in established industrial and services companies to achieve superior long-term capital appreciation

Bopa Moruo’s primary objective is to achieve superior medium to long-term capital appreciation through significant minority or control investments in established industrial and services companies.

Bopa Moruo believes that long-term capital appreciation in its investments is best achieved by building and growing great businesses through:

  • appropriate and responsible financial structuring;
  • creating alignment with investment partners and management;
  • driving growth and profitability;
  • promoting transformation and B-BBEE;
  • promoting socially responsible and environmentally sustainable business practices; and
  • promoting high standards of corporate governance and responsibility.
  • Growth capital to fund organic growth and growth by acquisition;
  • Buyout capital for management buy-outs/buy-ins and leveraged buy-outs; and
  • BEE capital as a fully funded BEE partner.
  • Investments that require equity capital of at least R25 million
  • Bopa Moruo is able to take a significant minority shareholding or  a controlling shareholding in its investments
  • Bopa Moruo does not make investment direct mining, property and primary agriculture.
  • Bopa Moruo does not make investments in start-ups, venture capital investments, early stage investments and turnaround investments.
  • Bopa Moruo is classified as a black investor under the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice and is thus able to make fully funded and appropriately structured BEE investments.